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Although the calendar was set in previous versions of the game, it was not clearly shown to users. Now, by clicking on the Training Log button in the main interface, you can see the calendar along with important events.

Division of Time

The system for dividing the passage of time in the game is:

  • 1 day = 24 hours
  • 1 week = 8 days
  • 1 month = 5 weeks = 40 days
  • 1 year = 10 months = 50 weeks = 400 days

The days in a month are numbered from 1 to 399; the 400th day is numbered 0. New game always starts in the year 1252.


Contests are held once every 8 days, which is the end of every week. The dates with orange outlines are the dates for Contests. The Contests holds until noon, and daytime starts on Midday.

Owner testing

The owner of your slave tests how good the slave has achieved once every 7 days. The dates with blue outlines are the dates for owner testing. The owner testing takes two hours, and daytime starts on 10 am.

The Moon

The phases of the moon are shown as black circle (new moon) or white circle (full moon) on the next of day number in the training log and in the main interface (at the top of the middle bar between the picture and the stats). The phases of the moon determine the likelihood of Tentacle encounters.

Recorded Events

The training log will record important events. They show up as scribbles in the log and more detailed descriptions at the bottom when you hover your mouse over the scribbles.

The events that are recorded are:

  • When you start your career as a slave maker
  • When a slave's training begins
  • A Slave's deadline for completion
  • Completion a slave's training
  • Love confession and your response to it
  • Contest that you participated in and your slave's placement
  • Tentacle encounters
  • Tests by the slave owner
  • Events which are several days away, such as parties with Miss N.