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Catgirls are slaves dressed up with a cat ears and a tail. You can turn certain Slaves, such as Minako, into catgirls by wearing any catgirl dresses that they may have. To see if they can become catgirls, check the page for each slave.

You can meet NPC catgirls when you Take a Walk at the Forest and Town Center.

Training Slaves as Catgirls

  • To increase a slave's catgirl experience (on the page 2 stats), you can send the slave to Singing School once a day (the second and later times don't increase the cat slave rating) for a maximum of 10 points for that slave (1 point per visit).
  • You will also meet other cat slaves randomly while working (including the Bar and Restaurant), going to School, or taking a walk.
  • You can also meet Natsu at the Palace and participate in the Catburglar Events during the night going to the Town Center at 10 p.m.
  • When training a slave as a catgirl, the progress will stop at 30 until you take your slave to the farm to meet a tiger-striped catgirl who trains her and adds +5 to her Catslave Training.
  • At Lady Okyanu's party, go to the Dinner in order to meet the Lady Cat, who grants between +2 and +4 points.
  • At 47/100 or higher attend to Miss N's party, work as maid and go outside. She will accept to be a catgirl which allows higher levels of catslave training, the catgirl Ending and the Score bonus associated with it. After this she will refuse to remove her cat ears and tail.

True Catgirls

When training Minako, you can find true catgirls when you go towards the Cat Savior Ending.

The catgirl in the Brothel is the only one with true knowledge of them, which she will tell Minako once she has accepted being a cat slave and has a True Catgirl Lore experience of 19 (most easily obtained by asking about True Catgirls to the catgirls at the Bar or Restaurant).

The catgirl at the Brothel will first tell her they live at the lake, and the next time she teaches Minako the special greeting. After getting the greeting, she can meet Millenia and rescue Malerna, true catgirls.