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From: Tales of Symphonia

Cost: 300

Created by: M.I.A. (Maia Iliana Arina)
Since Version: 3.2.06

Colette is one of the Assistants in the game. A kind and clumsy girl. Sometimes, angel wings can be seen from her back. It seems she has been blessed by the gods. Her Blood Type is A.


  • Requires Slave Maker Renown 30 or greater to hire.
  • Begin training with the Angel's Tear.
  • Gives a boost of 20% to Sensibility, Joy and Morality.
  • During the Discuss option, the Slaver can ask her about the slave Morality, Colette herself, or his/her own Corruption.
  • Every morning, there is a 10% chance for an event where Colette damages a wall, costing 250GP for repairs.