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Unless you turn off combat in the Options menu, you will occasionally have to fight enemies (Tentacles, Zombies, Ayane, etc). At the start of battle, your Constitution and Lust stats will determine your starting hp and lust. You will win a fight when you get the enemy's hp to 0.

You will lose a fight when your hp reaches 0 or your lust reaches 100. A Vampire Slave Maker would want to Feed before going into a fight in order to have full hp. Reducing Lust is also a good idea, especially for Masochist Slave Makers, who take less hp damage but gain Lust from every strike.

Fights are turn based. During each turn, either you or the enemy will get to perform an action.

During your turn, you can either attack, defend, or try to run away. The possible attacks depend on your Weapon. The Attack stat (divided by 1.5), your Weapon's Damage bonus, and your weapon's corresponding Skill during combat, determines the chance of hitting and damage to the enemy. Defending will increase your Defence until it is your turn again. Running away will end the fight if you are successful or waste a turn if you are not.

How often your turn comes around is determined by your Speed relative to that of the enemy. Your default Speed is 0, modified by your Armour and Weapon's Speed bonuses. Your starting initiative is equal to your Speed, as is the enemy's. Whoever has the lowest initiative attacks, then (45 - their Speed) is added to the attacker's initiative, and whoever's new initiative is lower attacks next.

During its turn, the enemy will always attack. It's attack will either decrease your hp or increase your lust. Your Defence stat (divided by 1.5), which is increased by Armour's Defense bonus during combat, determines how much damage you take and how often you evade attacks.

During combat, the maximum values of Attack and Defence are 100 for both and your maximum Speed is 35, regardless of what Weapon or Armour you use. Thus, for example, raising your Attack stat will no longer give you any benefits if you already have the appropriate weapon Skill at 100.