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This article is about Dark Magician Girl. For other uses, see Dark Magician Girl (NPC).
Dark Magician Girl
From: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Duration: 70 days

Created by: Regigigas
Since Version: 3.2.05
Female.pngEasy Mode

Dark Magician Girl is one of the Slaves that you can train in the game. Recently a young, beautiful, and mysterious sorceress has wandered into town. She is only known as the Dark Magician Girl. Shortly after she arrived, mysterious occurrences started to happen. The townspeople blamed her, and convinced the palace sorceress to help them. This Dark Magician Girl was subdued by the royal sorceress and put into slavery. However, since this new slave is a sorceress as well, she will need to be trained to use her magic ONLY when ordered to by her owner, and ONLY to do WHAT she is ordered to do. You are assigned to train her. You take a look at this new slave you are training. To your surprise, she is actually both cute and sexy; a nearly impossible combination to pull off, but she manages to pull it off quite well. You are also given a book that has been enchanted to list all the spells she knows. After talking to her, you learn that the kind of magic she specializes in is Black Magic. However, she can somewhat resist its corruption, but she can not use it too much or it will corrupt her. Her Blood Type is A.

Training Requirement: None

Special Statistics: Corruption (DMG)

Special Actions: Sorceress Training, Black Magic, Cast A Spell, Meditate, Monster Summon

Other Specials: Sorcery

  • Changes to her Love are increased by 50%.
  • Changes to her Tiredness are decreased by 50%.
  • Harpie Lady becomes a minor slave.
  • Here is a list of the spells she will be able to learn and use in a later update: Spells
  • In later updates, she will also be able to summon monster girls and turn them into slaves for the Slave Maker.
  • Plans for later updates:
    • Many monster girls that can be turned into slaves for the SM. Most of them will be obtainable in her Monster Summon act. A total of 20 Monster Girls are planned, but so far only Harpie Lady is included. Some of the other planned ones include:
    • More endings
    • A few NPC's
    • MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, more.

Dress Plain
DMG Dress Plain.png

Name Effects Price / Requirement
Magi Magi DMGDress1.png 100 GP
Bikini DMGDress2.png 150 GP
TRON DMGDress3.png
  • No effects
300 GP
Short Hair DMGDress4.png 500 GP
Goth DMGDress5.png 700 GP
Catgirl DMGDress6.png 4000 GP
Special Trainings
Catgirl Requires Catslave Trainer 1
Cow Girl Yes.png
Fairy No.png
Lesbian Slave Requires Lesbian Trainer 1
Ponygirl Requires Ponygirl Trainer 1


DMG Assistant.png

If you get the Bought Back Ending or accept her Love confession, then she will be available as an assistant, with special effects, when you train other slaves. Like other slave assistants, she costs nothing to become your assistant.

  • A sweet and sexy girl. She loves to play card games, and is also a very powerful sorceress with nearly infinite power, and desires to use it to serve you. She can cast spells on slaves to change their stats.
  • She has no effects as an assistant for now.

Special Endings

These are unique endings for this slave, in addition to the General Endings and Additional Endings.

Ending Requirement
Purebreed Sorceress