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Farm House

The Farm House is one of nine different options for housing a player must choose between after creating their slave-maker but before training their first slave.

In Game Description[edit]

A small farm house on a small parcel of land. Empty for a long time, it seems some odd type of farming was done here. Small, even human-sized stalls. A number of odd items are left.

You realise this was a ponygirl farm, run as both a working farm and as some sort of brothel.

Very easy and secure access to the city, with even the occasional noble carriage.

Start with Bondage gear and a bit-gag. You start with knowledge of ponygirls, and all ponygirl actions are easier.. -1 Fatigue per day due to easy transport. Starting Temperament and Refinement are lower and your slave becomes more submissive as time passes.

Effects and Special Events[edit]

updated for version v3.2.0 alpha6

Note: the in game descriptions for several houses are misleading, as some functionality is unimplemented, and some bugs are present. If it isn't listed under Effects and Special Events, then it doesn't occur. If there are contradictions between Effects and Special Events and the In Game Description, the Effects and Special Events is correct.