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After you have started a new game and picked your Background, you must pick a house where you will train your slaves. Currently, you cannot explore or upgrade your house (these are expected to be implemented in a future release). However, your choice of house will have several unique effects, which can be found on their respective pages.

The game map showing the houses locations.
House Cost or Income per day Advantages Disadvantages Map Location
Abandoned Keep
-6 gold each day Start with Bondage Gear
Slave cannot run away
Attack and Defence raise 10% faster
Kasumi's Combat Skill increases 5% faster
Bondage gives an extra +1 Sensibility and Obedience
-1 Joy per day
Tentacle pregnancy birthing event altered
Number 1
Barge Outside.jpg
-5 gold each day Start with Bondage Gear and silk ropes (Bondage gives an extra +1 Sensibility). +1 Love and -1 Tiredness per day. Moveable
Brothel Housing.jpg
+19 gold each day Start with Lingerie
The job Brothel requires 5 less obedience and earns 10% more gold
-3 to starting Refinement
Requires Brothel Madam Background or Advantage.
Number 3
City Apartment
-6 gold each day +4 to starting Conversation
20% faster Love changes
Cooking and Cleaning chores give 20% fewer stats Number 7
Eerie House
-6 gold each day Cooking and Cleaning give 33% more stats and cause 1 less Tiredness Number 2
Farm House
-6 gold each day Start with Bondage Gear and Bit-Gag
-1 Tiredness per day
Bondage and Ponygirl require 5 less Obedience
Start out knowing about the Stables
-3 to starting Temperament and to Refinement
-1 Temperament per day
Number 8
Forest Home
-6 gold each day +4 to starting Sensibility
+0.5 Cooking and Cleaning per day
Start out knowing about Astrid's Cottage
+1 Tiredness per day Number 9
-18 gold each day Start with Bondage Gear and a Swimsuit.
Bondage gives an extra +1 Sensibility and Obedience.
Rest gives an extra -1 Tiredness per hour (scales with Slave Trainer).
Not on map
No cost or income Cooking and Cleaning give 66% more stats and cause 2 less tiredness
+4 to starting Refinement
High Class Prostitute will always allow you to Visit
Requires the Wealthy Background or Advantage. Number 6
+9 gold each day Rest is 50% more effective
Expose herself and Naked require 5 less Obedience
The stats effects (both positive and negative) of many items are halved
Several events are blocked (see Onsen page) Number 4
-3 gold each day +4 to starting Morality
Theology gives 50% more Intelligence and 20% more Morality
Science gives 36.4% more Intelligence
Slave will be busy with ceremonies fortnightly Number 5

updated for version v3.2.2