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Lady Farun

Soul Calibur

This will not show up in a new game until you Attend Court and meet her or rescue her.

When you go to the Secure Slave Pens on the Docks, you may see an event that shows her in trouble. You can choose to rescue her personally or to run away to get help. Running away for help will get you a Gold reward. Rescuing her personally will allow you to visit her and she will offer you Gold, to win the next Contest you participate in, or allow you to enter the Ruins (if you didn't give a Teddy Bear to Sareth).


  • She will refuse to speak to your slave unless she was rescued from the Secure Slave Pens or the Slave Maker was created with the Minor Noble or Noble Advantage.
  • She will offer several topics to discuss.
  • After 10 visits, she will stop giving the normal stat bonuses for visiting her. However, the bonus points from the topics above will still apply.
  • Lady Farun also sells a set of cat ears and cat tail for 800 gold, if you have the Catslave Trainer skill.
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Lend Her(Day)[edit]

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Lend Her(Night)[edit]

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