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Lady Okyanu

Ukyou Kuonji
Ranma 1/2

Lady Okyanu, the High-Class Prostitute, is an NPC that you can always Visit or randomly encounter when you Take a Walk. You can random encounter her at the Palace or Slums, raising your slave's Refinement (+1) and reducing Morality (-1). Can be met in town, not known if town meeting affects stats like Palace and Slums.

High-Class Party

After you have done Visit enough times that she doesn't have anything else to teach, Lady Okyanu can still invite your slave to a High-Society function as you continue to Visit her.

To hear about the party, you will need Conversation at its limit (but it must be at least 100) or 150, whichever is lower, at which point she will say that there is a party in 3-4 days, and, on subsequent days, the Lady will inform you whether your slave meets the requirements needed to attend if you Visit her. These requirements are:

When the days are up and you meet the requirements, you can Lend Her to Lady Okyanu and Lady Okyanu will take your slave to the party. If you miss the deadline by not meeting the requirements or forgetting to Lend Her that night, Lady Okyanu will say there is another party in 6-8 days. She will continue to give more chances until you are invited to the party and decline the invitation. The date of the party will be listed on the Training Log Calendar.

If you choose to attend the party, you will need to Lend Her to Lady Okyanu that night, so you cannot do any Night Actions that day. During the party, you can choose to do several things that will raise your Statistics. Note that if you want Courtesan Training or the Courtesan General Ending, you must choose to accompany Lady Okyanu during THE FIRST party. The option is not available later..

Courtesan Training

In order for Lady Okyanu to offer courtesan training, you must accompany her when asked what you want to do during the High-Class Party. She will ask you if you want courtesan training. Choose yes and you can Visit her 3 more times for stat boosts:

  1. Refinement +2, Intelligence +2, Cleaning +1, Conversation +1, Blowjobs +1, Fucking +1, Lust +1, Reputation +1
  2. Charisma +2, Sensibility +4, Refinement +2, Cooking +1, Conversation +2, Lust +2
  3. Charisma +2, Sensibility +2, Refinement +4, Intelligence +2, Conversation +3

Finishing the training is required to get the Courtesan General Ending.


  • She will refuse to see your slave unless she has Refinement >= 25 or you live in the Mansion.
  • Raises maximum Conversation by 1.
  • If Naked, the slave receives an extra +1 Charisma and Lust.
  • After raising her Reputation by 5, visiting her will give 1.5 less Sensibility, has a 50% chance for non-lesbian slaves to not get an increase to Fuck, and no longer provides the bonus to maximum Conversation.
    • This is also when she will offer an invitation to the party.
    • After completing courtesan training, the stat changes for visiting her revert to normal.
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Lend Her(Day)[edit]

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Lend Her(Night)[edit]

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