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The Lake is a location that you can Take a Walk at in order to trigger random encounters and events. It is located at the middle left of the map above the Forest.


  • You can meet the Private Tutor, Dancer, Angels and Count
  • You can meet a Maid and get the Apron
  • If training Aeris, you may meet a Faerie who offers to trade you various objects, notably a Milking Machine, for 2 Bottles of Milk each. One of these items, the Oberotica Potion, will instantly and permanently transform Aeris into a Dickgirl, even if you have the Dickgirls turned off in the Options. If this is the case, you will not receive the Dickgirl endings even if Aeris is a Dickgirl when her training is complete.
  • On the night of a full moon, an angel appears for an elf's bathing ritual and can either:
    • Play her instrument or Grant Blessing of Purity, increasing Charisma, Sensibility, Morality and Joy
    • Grant Blessing of Plenty, permanently increasing clit and/or cock size of everyone present by 50% (Slave Maker included).