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This article is about the NPC. For other uses, see Lesbian (disambiguation).

Utena Tenjou
Revolutionary Girl Utena

Lesbian Tena can be encountered as an event when you Take a Walk at the Port Area or Town Center. She will ask your slave to have sex with her. When you agree, if you are supervising the walk and you don't have the Lesbian Trainer (skill), she will allow you to Visit her.

Once you unlock her, you can Visit her with new slaves (until you Retire).

Take a walk[edit]

Meeting her at the Town Center the first time will have you receive a Strap On and increase Sensibility and Lust as well as make your slave more interested in Lesbian sex, which results in 5 less Obedience needed for your slave to perform said action. After you have received the Strap On, on further encounters she will either give you a Cock Dildo and increase Sensibility and Lust or give tips on lesbian sex which increase Sensibility and Lust and increases her interest in Lesbian sex. If you are training a Lesbian Slave, the tips on lesbian sex will also increase Cunnilingus. After you have received both the Strap On and Cock Dildo (once you have purchase dildo) all future Town Center encounters with her will be of her giving tips.

Like the Sailors, having sex will her at the Port Area significantly shifts Sexuality, but toward lesbian.


  • She will refuse to talk to male slaves.
  • Lesbian slaves receive an extra +1 Cunnilingus and -1 Sexuality.
  • The slave maker receives +0.1 to the Lesbian Trainer Skill, if it is less than 1.
Increase Decrease

Lend Her(Day)[edit]

Increase Decrease

Lend Her(Night)[edit]

Increase Decrease