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This article is about the Additional Ending. For other uses, see Lesbian (disambiguation).

Lesbian Slave is one of the Additional Endings which also significantly changes gameplay during training. The lesbian slave option is just as it seems: to train your slave to be a lesbian. The effects of lesbian training make the game slightly more challenging, and there is no larger reward than seeing different pictures for the Night Actions, a bit of text before the main ending, and the sense of self-satisfaction in showing your slave the pleasures of the greater sex.

Because lesbian actions have a negative impact on Morality when following the New Gods or No Gods, it is more efficient to not follow the New Gods, as many of the actions are no longer immoral. A notable exception is licking Tena at the Port Area.


Your slaver must have the Lesbian Trainer skill.

Your slave must say she is a lesbian. This is done by:

  1. Your slave cannot be a dickgirl: training must begin before becoming one or after being changed back from being a dickgirl. If you've already opted against Lesbian Training, changing back from dickgirl gives you another opportunity to decide.
  2. Having Lesbian sex with her. A successful attempt will have her accept being trained as a lesbian. The act must be done without will altering drugs such as Ishinai; however, drugs which permanently increase Obedience such as Uninhibitory Drug are usable without penalty. Moreover, certain encounters with Tena will result in a 5 Obedience requirement decrease of the Lesbian action, and can be used repeatedly. Acts such as Kiss and Touch her which have lesbian options will not trigger the lesbian decision event.
    • Naru cannot be trained as a lesbian slave because an angel will stop the lesbian decision event from happening.
  3. Shift Sexuality toward Lesbian. Any sexual activity with female/hermaphroditic partners will have this gradual effect. Visiting Tena can do this with no Joy or Love lost, as will accepting her proposition at the Docks. When Sexuality is far enough past bisexual, she will declare herself Lesbian.
    • Resting may be required. The dream-bubble that appears when sleeping indicates how close to lesbian she is by displaying more female partners, and her epiphany makes reference to erotic dreams of women.


When your slave has accepted being trained as a lesbian:

  • Blowjobs and Fucking will be changed to Cunnilingus and Trib/Strap-on respectively.
  • Most Night Actions have been altered.
    • Many have different names, images, and descriptions to fit lesbian versions; however, all renames yield the same statistic modifications as their heterosexual counterparts (with the exception of Lick You which gives +2 Cunnilingus instead of +1 like Blowjob would).
    • Many no longer include multiple gender options — allowing both male and female partners — and instead only allow females to participate, e.g. Kiss can only be done by a female slaver, assistant, or slave.
    • Any sex act that previously required males/hermaphrodites now require women in their stead. This means that the Minor Slaves required to preform various sex acts has changed, e.g. while a straight Threesome requires one male/hermaphrodite and one female, a lesbian Threesome requires two females.
  • Your Assistant will stop your slave from becoming a dickgirl if you meet Astrid for the third time.