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Every character that is part of the 'Slaves List' is or will be included with the main game.

Sp5 Name Source Developer Version Num1 F.T.2 Pony3 Mode V4
B Shampoo Ranma 1/2 cmacleod/Pooloka version 2 n.1 Yes.png Yes.png easy
B Belldandy Oh My Goddess cmacleod/Pooloka version 2 n.2 Yes.png Yes.png normal
B Ranma Saotome Ranma 1/2 cmacleod/Pooloka version 2.1 n.3 Yes.png Yes.png hard
B Akane Tendo Ranma 1/2 cmacleod/Pooloka version 2 n.4 Yes.png Yes.png normal
B Yurika Misumaru Martian Successor Nadesico cmacleod/Pooloka version 2 n.5 Yes.png Yes.png normal
1 Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy VII cmacleod version 2 n.6 Yes.png Yes.png, Lvl 3 hard
1 Naru Narusegawa Love Hina cmacleod/Pooloka version 2 n.7 No.png Yes.png hard
1 Urd Oh My Goddess cmacleod version 2 n.8 Yes.png Yes.png normal
1 Kasumi Dead Or Alive cmacleod version 2 n.9 Yes.png Yes.png, Lvl 2 normal
1 Ayane Dead Or Alive cmacleod version 2 n.10 Yes.png Yes.png hard
1 Lise/Riesz Legend of Mana cmacleod version 2 n.11 No.png Yes.png hard
1 Minako Aino
(Sailor Venus)
Sailor Moon cmacleod version 2 n.12 Yes.png Yes.png normal
1 Rei Hino
(Sailor Mars)
Sailor Moon cmacleod version 2 n.13 No.png Yes.png
must leave
Pure path
1 Orihime Inoue Bleach Daisy_strike version 2 n.14 No.png Yes.png normal
1 Queen Menace Queen's Blade Daisy_strike version 2 n.15 No.png Yes.png hard
2 Princess Peach Mario Bros MailMailx3 version 2 n.16 Yes.png Yes.png normal
2 Aeris Gainsborough Final Fantasy VII Fenoxo version 2 n.17 Yes.png Yes.png normal
2 Yorichi Shihouin Bleach Jaren version 1.4 n.18 Yes.png No.png normal
2 Sawachika Eri School Rumble otacu version 1 n.19 No.png Yes.png easy V
2 Bulma Dragonball Rowadon/abisal version 1 n.20 No.png Yes.png normal
2 Ino Yamanaka Naruto Darsel version 1.1 n.21 No.png Yes.png hard
2 Sakura Haruno Naruto NarutoXD version 1.1 n.22 No.png Yes.png easy
2 Jessie/Musashi Pokémon abisal version 1 n.23 No.png Yes.png easy
2 Kallen Stadtfeld Code Geass vechno version 1.2 n.24 No.png No.png hard V
2 Heather Mason Silent Hill 3 TheNightWalker version 1 n.25 Yes.png Yes.png, Lvl 3 normal
3 Kirino Kousaka Oreimo NarutoXD version 1 n.26 No.png No.png normal V
3 Ayanami Rei Neon Genesis Evangelion cmacleod version 1 n.27 Yes.png Yes.png, Lvl 2 hard
3 Saphire Jukkali version 1 n.28 Yes.png Yes.png, Lvl 3 easy
3 Mihoshi Kuramitsu Tenchi Muyo cmacleod version 1 n.29 Yes.png Yes.png easy
3 Mai Shiranui Fatal Fury 2 cmacleod version 1 n.30 Yes.png Yes.png
very high
easy V
3 Chun Li Zhang Street Fighter venom2056 version 1 n.31 Yes.png Yes.png
very high
normal V
3 Princess Daisy Mario Bros gadansk version 1 n.32 Yes.png Yes.png easy V
3 Felicia Dark Stalkers MailMailX3 version 1 n.33 Yes.png Yes.png normal
3 Sheena Fujibayashi Tales of Symphonia EScion/Lyanel Feles version 0.3 n.34 No.png Yes.png normal
3 Reimu Hakurei Touhou Somone1001 version 1 n.35 No.png  ? hard V
4 Nina Windia Breath of Fire Kaiser Ryu version 1.1 n.36 No.png No.png normal
4 Gardevoir Pokémon Thf772 version 5 n.37 Yes.png Yes.png normal
4 Rogue X-Men Evolution KintChick & abisal version 1 n.38 Yes.png Yes.png hard
4 Hatsune Miku Vocaloid Kiyoka version 0.1 n.39 No.png Yes.png normal V
4 Sakuya Izayoi Touhou CM Tyssen version 0.1 n.40 No.png Yes.png normal
4 Ran Mori Detective Conan vash99 version 1 n.41 Yes.png Yes.png normal V
4 Misako Gibo - Stepmother's Sin demercel version 1 n.42 Yes.png Yes.png normal
4 Motoko Aoyama Love Hina Jaren version 0.1 n.43 Yes.png No.png normal
4 Melisandra Final Fantasy/Original Character SamK version 1 n.44 Yes.png No.png hard
4 Sophitia Alexandra Soul Calibur Chris132 version ? n.45 No.png Yes.png, Lvl 3 hard
5 Unohana Retsu Bleach QMag version 0.53a n.46 No.png No.png normal
5 Matsumoto Rangiku Bleach Onfire version 1.1 n.47 No.png Yes.png easy V
5 Asuka
Soryu Langley
Neon Genesis Evangelion cmacleod version 1.0 n.48 Yes.png Yes.png easy
5 Hinata Hyuga Naruto Raiga version 1.0 n.49 Yes.png Yes.png hard
5 Samus Aran Metroid Mad_Jackal version 1 n.50 No.png Yes.png easy
5 Panty and
Stocking Anarchy
Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt Enkephalin version 1.0 n.51 Yes.png Yes.png normal
5 Lamia Many Sources Lamia version 1.0 n.52 No.png No.png hard
5 Ryo Akizuki The Idolmaster abisal version 1 n.53 Yes.png Yes.png
must reveal
5 Dark Magician Girl Yu-Gi-Oh! Regigigas version 1 n.54 No.png Yes.png easy
5 Ami Mizuno
(Sailor Mercury)
Sailor Moon Regigigas, with story
assistance by Poketeers
version 1 n.55 No.png Yes.png, Lvl 3 hard
6 Tohsaka Rin Fate/Stay night Maalunar version 1 n.56 Yes.png Yes.png, Lvl 2 hard V
6 Elesa/Kamiture Pokémon Regigigas version 2 n.57 No.png Yes.png hard
6 Princess Zelda Legend of Zelda Bladestriker version 1 n.58 Yes.png No.png normal V
6 Snow White Disney Hellfire (Regigigas, Time Wizard, and Poketeers) version 1 n.59 Yes.png Yes.png normal
6 Skyla/Fuuro Pokémon Hellfire (Regigigas, Time Wizard, and Poketeers) version 1 n.60 No.png Yes.png normal
6 Morrigan Aensland Dark Stalkers Lothlorien version 1 n.61 No.png No.png hard
6 May/Haruka Pokémon NarutoXD version 1 n.62 Yes.png Yes.png, Lvl 2 normal V
6 Misty/Kasumi Pokémon NarutoXD version 1 n.63 Yes.png Yes.png normal V
6 Rikku Final Fantasy X XainC version 1 n.64 Yes.png Yes.png easy
6 Taiga Aisaka Toradora Flash Novice Beta version n.65 Yes.png No.png normal V
7 Ariel Disney Campeon Kid version 1 n.66 Yes.png Yes.png
very high
normal V
7 Katara Avatar - The Last Airbender Foxie version 0.1 n.67 Yes.png No.png easy
7 Videl Dragonball Z Hellfire (Regigigas, Time Wizard, Poketeers) version 1 n.68 No.png Yes.png hard
7 Saeko Busujima Highschool of the Dead pooterdude and Blaze8492 version 1 n.69 Yes.png Yes.png
very high
easy V
7 Lightning Final Fantasy XIII striker2521/Campeon Kid version 0.1 n.70 Yes.png Yes.png normal
- Nami One Piece Carpy version 1.0 n.71
7 Kyon The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya abisal and Keahi19 version 1.0 n.72 Yes.png Yes.png easy
7 Moka Akashiya Rosario + Vampire striker2521/Campeon Kid version 1.0 n.73 Yes.png Yes.png normal
7 Imari Kurumi Bible Black demercel version 1.0 n.74 Yes.png  ? hard
7 Leona Morimoto Discipline - Records of the Crusade demercel version 1.0 n.75 Yes.png  ? hard
8 Makoto Kino
(Sailor Jupiter)
Sailor Moon Hellfire (Regigigas, Time Wizard, Poketeers) version 1.0 n.76 Yes.png Yes.png hard
8 Mariya Shidō Maria Holic Chaos-X Beta version 0.6 n.77 No.png No.png normal
 ? Cassandra Alexandra Soul Calibur Natanil n.78  ?  ?  ?
 ? Yuna Final Fantasy X Katkiller5 Beta version 1.03 n.79 No.png No.png normal
 ? Charlotte Dunois Infinite Stratos Malaus n.80 Yes.png Yes.png normal
8 Flannery Pokemon n.81 Yes.png  ?
8 Usagi Sailor Moon Hellfire (Regigigas, Poketeers, Time Wizard) n.82
 ? Holo (or Horo) Spice and Wolf SimounRules/cmacleod n.83
8 Youmu Touhou Lelou n.84 Yes.png Yes.png
8 Erza Scarlet Fairy Tale Zaix 1.3.3 n.85 No.png No.png hard
8 Tayuya Naruto Chartreuse-Gale 2.0.0 Beta n.86 hard
9 Naoto Shirogane Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 Zieg87 n.87 Yes.png Yes.png, Lvl 3 easy
9 Renamon Digimon Tamers ZeroBoyd 0.5 n.88 No.png Yes.png, Lvl 2 easy
9 Rouge the Bat Sonic the Hedgehog xMikehx 1.5 n.89 No.png No.png easy
9 Saori DISCIPLINE -Record of a Crusade- n.90 Yes.png Yes.png easy
9 Kairi Kingdom Hearts Aximili 1 n.91 Yes.png Yes.png easy
9 Lola Bunny Loony Tunes xmikehx 1.1 n.92 No.png No.png easy
9 Midna Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess ZhaneX 1.2 n.93 Yes.png Yes.png easy
9 Temari Naruto Zieg87 1.1 n.94 Yes.png Yes.png normal
9 Kim Possible Kim Possible crazyness 1.2 n.95 Yes.png Yes.png normal
 ? Lois Griffin Family Guy n.96
10 Turanga Leela Futurama crazyness 1.0 n.97 Yes.png Yes.png easy
10 Chie Satonaka Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 EggEgg n.98 Yes.png Yes.png normal
10 Quistis Final Fantasy Aximili 1.7 n.99 Yes.png Yes.png, Lvl 2 hard
10 Nao Mabinogi Rare Hunter 1.2a n.101 Yes.png Yes.png, Lvl 3 hard
10 Boa Hancock One Piece Wankonstbrrt 0.5 n.102 Yes.png Yes.png easy
10 Momo Hinamori Bleach James Rhodes 1.0 n.105 Yes.png Yes.png easy
11 Mikhaila Original character by Tsampikos -Tak- 0.1 n.106 Yes.png Yes.png hard
11 Krystal Star Fox Cmacleod n.107 Yes.png Yes.png, Lvl 2 hard
11 Ryomou Ikki Tousen Evacles 1.0 n.108 Yes.png Yes.png easy
11 Shinji Neon Genesis Evangelion motokoli n.109 Yes.png Yes.png easy
11 Ritsuko iDOLM@STER Campeonkid, Zerowings and Abisal 2.0 n.110 Yes.png Yes.png easy
11 Super Sonico Super Sonico Rare Hunter 1.3 n.111 Yes.png Yes.png easy
11 Sona League of Legends LoL Slaver n.112 Yes.png Yes.png hard
11 Aya Shameimaru Touhou Baalshazar 1.6 n.113 No.png No.png hard
11 Kida Atlantis: The Lost Empire Abisal 0.1 n.114 Yes.png Yes.png, Lvl 2 easy
11 KanuUnchou Ikki Tousen Silvertop 1.0 n.115 Yes.png Yes.png easy
12 Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony KorvasTerindar 1.0 n.116 No.png No.png easy
12 Senjougahara Monogatari WeirdBeard 0.1 n.117 Yes.png Yes.png easy
12 Pinkie Pie My Little Pony Korvas 1.0 n.118 Yes.png No.png easy
12 Juliet Lollipop Chainsaw TheNightWalker 1.0 n.120 Yes.png Yes.png easy
12 Mercury Sailor Moon ElPresidente 1.20 n.122 Yes.png Yes.png, Lvl 2 easy
Sp5 Name Source Developer Version Num1 F.T.2 Pony3 Mode V4

Originally, list from cmacleod42

Sp = Slave’s pack Number (B=Basic)
Num = Slave’s List Number
F.T. = Faerie Transformation
Pony = Ponygirl training from TheNightWalker in Futanari Palace Forum

Yes.png = when a slave is classified as 'normal', it means she requires the minimum to accept the training (lvl.1 for the slaveMaker, 5 x Bondage acts, Harness+BitGag+Ponytail, call Master/Mistress...)
No.png = when a slave 'cannot become ponygirl'... well, she cannot! Her interest is set to 4, so she'll NEVER accept the training, no matter how able you are. Don't even bother.

V = Vanilla girl, based on list from unterblub in Futanari Palace Forum