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Fate/Stay Night

When you Attend Court, the lord may invite you to Visit him, if your slave has at least 25 Reputation. If you Visit him and your slave has at least 80 Refinement, then she will be awarded +1 Refinement / +1 Charisma / +1 Reputation.

  • Also at Court, he may randomly spar with you, which will increase your Refinement_(Slaver), Constitution and either your Attack or Defense stat.
  • Can fall in love with your slave (after being Lending him/her several times) and offer to buy her. If you accept, you will gain Nobility 1 skill at the end of her training if you don't have it (but nothing higher than the first rank).


  • He will refuse to talk to your slave unless she has Refinement of at least 80 or the Slave Maker is created with the Minor Noble or Noble Advantage. He will always reject visits during the day.
  • After raising her Reputation by 15, he will refuse to speak with her, wasting the action.
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Lend Her(Day)[edit]

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Lend Her(Night)[edit]

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