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This is a semi-hidden statistic that represents your slave's love for you. It is shown by a heart symbol at the bottom of the vertical space between the image display and the statistics window. The higher her love for you, the larger the heart symbol gets.

Maxing out love will cause your slave to confess their love to you in a Daily Event. Accepting her love will cause the heart symbol to change to beating heart and lower your Score by 20 - 5 * Leadership.

The level of the Leadership skill will limit how many confessions you can accept and the penalties for accepting confessions. You will automatically reject love confessions if your leadership skill isn't high enough to accept another confession. In addition, the limit is also checked at the end of a training, so if the confession of a slave in training is accepted putting you at the limit, the confession of a minor slave can still be accepted but, the love ending cannot be obtained.

A female slave will not confess to a woman or dickgirl Slave Maker until a successful Lesbian action, with sufficient Lesbian Trainer skill, whether or not she is made a Lesbian. Rejecting a love confession, or if the Slave Maker has already accepted the maximum confessions permitted by their Leadership, will halve the slave's Love.

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