V3:Make her Masturbate

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This is one of the Night Actions in the game. The described effects may differ from those shown in your game depending on various factors, such as your Background, House, and Skills. Each night action has a corresponding skill.


This action has an Obedience requirement. If your slave's Obedience is too low, she will refuse to do this action. These actions have various levels. The name of this action may change based on your gender, Background, etc.

Available: Nighttime

Time Taken: 1 hour
Persons Needed: None

  • Hermaphrodites receive an extra +1 Sensibility and -3 Lust.
  • The first time this is done, it decreases the difficultly of Make her Masturbate by 5.

Increase Decrease


Each night action has a corresponding skill associated with it. These skills have minimal gameplay impact at the moment, but they control what text shows for each action. Leveling up the skill will cause different texts to show.

Level Requirements Effects