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Manya & Minea
From: Dragon Quest IV

Cost: 1000

Created by: Darsel
Since Version: 15

Manya & Minea is one of the Assistants in the game. The Legendary Monbabara twins. Manya is a dancer skilled in countless public and 'private' dances. Minea is a powerful sorceress able to foresee dangerous situations. Their services are yours... for a price.


  • Minimum Obedience required for Expose herself reduced by 20.
  • +2 Constitution per day.
  • +1.5 Charisma per day.
  • +.1 Dancing per day.
  • -.5 Refinement per day.
  • They will give the Slave Maker the skill Tentacle Expert at level 2. (The skill will only remain when thay are engaged as Assistants.)
  • They can become hermaphrodites after your slave become one, if you say ‘’Yes’’ during an event when they ask you if you want them to take Astrid Potion to become a herm.