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From: Queen's Blade

Duration: 60 days

Created by: Daisy Strike
Since Version: 3.03
Female.pngHard Mode

Menace is one of the Slaves that you can train in the game. She was an ancient queen of the Amara Empire who was betrayed and entrapped in a crystal. Now she has been released and enslaved, being sent to you to be trained as an excellent gladiator. Her Blood Type is AB.

Training Requirement: Renown >= 30

Special Statistics: Combat, Seduction

Special Actions: Arena, Seduce Nobles, Bestiality, Cosplay Cafe, Lac Cafe, Relax at Onsen

Other Specials: None

Menace Ruins map.png

  • You will be able to Take a Walk at the Ruins and explore it in a unique way
    • Menace needs to have a Constitution of 80 or more to reach the NW room (p20).
    • There are three keys needed to fully explore the Ruins.
      • To get the bronze key, have your slave maker personally supervise the slave on a visit to the Ruins. Let Menace fight Melona. Assuming Menace loses, have your slave maker fight Melona. Train up Menace's combat and go to Relax at Onsen to allow Menace to fight Melona again. The bronze key allows you to go to p10.
      • To get the silver key, Menace needs to win the Ping Pong (table tennis) tournament. The silver key allows you to go to p6. The first time you go through a trap will spring, making you exit the ruins.
      • To get the gold key, equip Setra, defeat the Masked Champion, and wait for the event where Setra confronts the Masked Champion with knowledge of her true identity. The gold key opens the door that leads North from Melona's room (p15).
    • To get past the Sphinx (in p10), give the correct answers (spoilers).
    • Menace needs to work at the Bar to get to Setra's room. After working at the bar, you will be able to go from the NE room past the sphinx (p12) to the NE room where Setra is (p18).
  • Going to the Arena can help Menace improve her Combat. See the Arena page for more information.
  • To get some of her combat spells, go to the ruins and explore.
  • Menace has an allow bestiality option that is provided for this slave only. If you say yes and want to activate, start punishment paths. There are two punishments that involve animals.
  • +1 Refinement each day.
  • +3 Temperament each day.
  • Her initial maximum Obedience is 90.
  • The Priapus Draft does not permanently make Menace into a hermaphrodite.
  • Taking off the Mute Bracelet gives +1 Joy and -10 Obedience.
    • Putting on the Mute Bracelet gives -2 Joy and -10 Obedience. Unlike normal items, this does not lower her maximum possible stats.
  • Every day, Menace may try to mind control you. This will happen if her Temperament is 75 points higher than her Obedience and gives -2 Joy, Love, and Morality. After the first time, if bad ends are on, this will lead to the Enslaved by Menace bad end.
    • On Easy difficultly, this never happens.
    • On Difficult, this has a chance of occurring earlier if Temperament is 45 points higher than Obedience.
    • On Hard, this has a chance of occurring earlier if Temperament is 15 points higher than Obedience.
    • If this doesn't happen, but Temperament is 40 points higher than Obedience, every other morning she will go to the onsen for +5 Temperament; +1 Refinement and Nymphomania; -1 Combat/Seduction, Joy, Love, and Obedience; -2 Constitution; and -6 Tiredness.
  • If she qualifies for her Drug Whore bad end, every morning she gets +75 Lust; +50 Nymphomania, Temperament, and Tiredness; +20 Blowjobs and Fucking; -20 Morality; -30 Intelligence; and -50 Obedience, Refinement, and Reputation.
  • Her default dress is Courtly.
  • Menace has a 50% chance of meeting a Catgirl after Expose herself and a 20% chance of meeting one after Bar, Cosplay Cafe, and, if she has fought Karura in the Arena, Relax at Onsen. She can also meet them by Taking a Walk to various places.
  • After she completes Courtesan Training, she will ask to set herself up as a noble in exile. Saying yes changes her special stat to Seduction and replaces Arena with Seduce Nobles.
    • Every morning, if no other morning event took place, there is a 20% chance(30% on difficult and 40% on hard) that Menace's owner Yamamoto will visit, giving -3 Morality. Choosing to have Menace persuade him will cause her to try to seduce him. Other options can only be used once. If you fail to seduce him three times and have no other options, you will get the Failed Slave ending.
      • If you fail to seduce him three times, but still had other options, he will never come back.
    • Menace can begin earning seduction points by seducing various people, which will affect her ending. She gets a 15% bonus to all points earned. (On easy, 1 25% bonus. On difficult, a 5% bonus. On hard, no bonus.)

Dress Plain

Name Effects Price / Requirement
School Uniform Menace Dress 1.jpg 100 GP
Cheerleader Menace Dress 2.jpg
  • Bonus +1 Combat when watching battles at the arena
  • Can raise Combat to a maximum of 30 from watching battles, instead of 20
  • This dress is Slutty
150 GP
Battle Dress (Available after obtaining Setra) Menace Dress 3.jpg 300 GP
Swim Suit Menace Dress 4.jpg 500 GP
Beaded Dress Menace Dress 5.jpg 700 GP
Catgirl Suit (Available at the Tailor after Menace becomes a Cat Girl) Menace Dress 6.jpg ? GP
Special Trainings
Catgirl Yes
Cow Girl Yes
Fairy No
Lesbian Slave Requires Lesbian Trainer 1
Ponygirl Requires Ponygirl Trainer 1



If you get the Bought Back Ending or accept her Love confession, then she will be available as an assistant, with special effects, when you train other slaves. Like other slave assistants, she costs nothing to become your assistant.

Special Endings

These are unique endings for this slave, in addition to the General Endings and Additional Endings. She also has some Bad Endings.

Ending Requirement
Slave Queen
  • Win the first fight against Anistaria, then lose the second fight in the Ruins.
Arena Champion
Arena Cat Champion
  • Meet the requirements for both Arena Champion and Cat Slave endings.
Lady in Waiting in Exile
  • Complete Courtesan Training
  • Allow Menace to set herself up as a noble
  • Obtain <200 seduction points.
Dame in Exile
  • As above, but 200-249 points
Baroness in Exile
  • As above, but 250-274 points
Viscountess in Exile
  • As above, but 275-299 points
Countess in Exile
  • As above, but 300-324 points
Marchioness in Exile
  • As above, but 325-339 points
Grand Duchess in Exile
  • As above, but 340-349 points
Archduchess in Exile
  • As above, but 350-359 points
Queen in Exile
  • As above, but 360+ points
Cat Slave
  • Your Slave Trainer must have the Skill Catslave Trainer at Level 1.
  • Menace must meet 11 Catgirls.
  • Take a Walk to the Town Center.
  • Meet 14 more Catgirls.
  • Her training for becoming a Catgirl takes the place of the standard training.
Victorious Queen
  • Defeat Anistaria in the Ruins behind the Gold Key door after getting the Arena Champion Ending.
  • This is a bonus ending, in addition to whichever other ending she achieves.
Failed Slave
  • Complete Courtesan Training.
  • Allow Menace to set herself up as a noble.
  • During Yamamoto's morning visits, exhaust all text options other than "Have Menace persuade him."
  • Fail to seduce Yamamoto three times.