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The Farm is a location that you can Take a Walk at in order to trigger random encounters and events. It is located at the top left of the map.


Faerie Capture/Rescue[edit]

Sometimes, you'll see one of the three captured Faerie that you can either free, ignore, or rebind for the hunters. If you have the Faeries Ring, not freeing the Faerie will cause you to lose the ring.

After seeing all three of them and making your choice, you will not see these events anymore. However, if you meet one of the conditions below, you will always see the described event the next time that you come to the farm.

  • If you freed all 3 of them, you will meet a fairy who offers you a gem that you can sell for 300 Gold,eat for a large boost to a random Statistic or she is offered to eat it and begin the Fairy Transformation.
  • If you rebinding any of them for the hunters, you will see two Faeries, which gives Lust +4, when you come to the farm again

Milk Farm Abduction/Milking[edit]

First drugging event

This is a series of events where your Slave will be milked as a Cowgirl. The first event is where you are asked if you want to take a strange pill and it will always trigger if you meet the requirements:

Taking the pill

If you've had a Tentacle event before this point, the pill will have no effect and you cannot get anymore milking events. Otherwise, your slave will be raped and milked. When she comes to the farm later, she may randomly be milked again. Tentacle encounters after this point will not affect the milking events.

  • Naru will be rescued by divine powers after the first milking so she cannot be milked again
  • If your slave goes a week without being milked, a scene happens where it is revealed she was drugged and you will confront the criminals who did this to her. Regardless of your choices during the confrontation, your slave will no longer be milked at the farm.
  • In order to get the Cowgirl General Ending, you need to be milked at least 6 times. Therefore, you must be milked at least once a week or you will not be able to complete the requirement.

Slave Maker Gender Change

During the confrontation with the criminals, if you choose 'Go to the Lord' and then 'Agree to wait', within about a day you - the slave maker - will be abducted.

    • If your slavemaker is male, you will be given a potion to change your gender, which either makes you a woman, or doesn't work properly and makes you a hermaphrodite.
    • The gender change is dependent upon your choice of reactions to waking up in your new state; 'I have breasts' makes you a woman, whereas 'Am I a woman' makes you a hermaphrodite/dickgirl.
    • This change is irrevocable. Future versions may include events for dickgirl or female Slavemakers to change gender as well, so there is a possibility that a Slavemaker will be able to "change back" at some point, but there is no cure for the farm transformation.
    • But you can still change back into a male/female if you use Alena as Assistant and if you take the proper potion after you win the third fight against her.


  • You meet the Farmer, Chef, Count, or Cowgirls
  • Your slave studies the buildings for Intelligence +2
  • You buy some dairy products for 50 GP
  • You may see a ponygirl event
  • The Tiger Girl will appear to offer catgirl training at 30 skill.
  • Discuss slaves being drawn behind cart.
  • See demon fucking male all night long.