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Mioya is a small country on the planet of Talyän, roughly the size of Tasmania: its capital is Mardukane. Mioya was a sizable dukedom within the old Empire of Dunsayni. The Empire was a large confederation of small countries, loosely bound by the rule of the Emperors, to whom the Duchy of Mioya was always loyal. The current Lord traces his ancestry back to that ancient lineage of Dukes of Dunsayni. He is quite proud of that lineage and retains the title of Lord as a homage to that lineage and to the loyalty his ancestors held to the Empire of Dunsayni. About three centuries ago the Empire fragmented, parts were absorbed into other empires, others became new kingdoms, like the Iceni and the country of Firee. Mioya became a small country struggling for independence until the slave trade earned it wealth and stability.

Culturally Mioya is a medieval society, basically feudal where the churches hold a lot of power.

The major factions are:

1) The court as run by the Lord
2) The Slave Maker Guild
3) The Church of the New Gods
4) The Church of the Old Gods

The Old Gods have minor influence, but are still respected. The court has factions (the Lord and Count do not see eye to eye)

It is a society of moderate wealth, even the slums are not desperately poor, as Mioya is wealthy from the slave trade. There are two main classes in society

a) the nobility (and semi-nobility like the slave makers)
b) the other classes, but the wealthy see themselves above the others of course.

As the gods actively manifest themselves in the world, the teaching of the gods are important in society and act as a framework for everything (well like the real world has been but less and less so now). Still some people at best pay lip-service to some of the restrictions, planning to seek forgiveness at a later time or just not caring that much. Thus you will see the High Priestess Daruna is a lesbian, despite her religion discouraging it, not quite forbidding it. The gods frown on slavery, but do not actually forbid it, and so on.

Magic is common but not very showy. No huge lightning bolts in battle, but alchemy is common and enchanted items are expensive but common enough. Angels and demons can be seen regularly. This discourages a truly scientific culture as you are more likely to assume magic or the gods are involved that some natural force. Still science exists but at a late medieval or early Renaissance level. Clockwork is the most complex machinery encountered, electricity is known but not used, and generally guns are not used.