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From: Gibo - Stepmother's Sin

Duration: 50 days

Created by: demercel
Since Version: 3.2.03
Female.png Normal Mode

Misako is one of the Slaves that you can train in the game. After the loss of her first husband, Misako decided to remarry. Her second husband was unable to please Misako's avaricious sexual appetite. Saddened and desperate for sexual release, she turned her eye on her step-son and began seducing him. After a short while they began having sex on a daily basis, multiple times a day. However, her husband found out about her incestuous affair and, instead of killing her, he sold her to you, the Slave Maker. Her Blood Type is O.

Training Requirement: None

Special Statistics: None

Special Actions: Special Nurse, Fisting.

Other Specials: None

  • Changes to her Intelligence are decreased by 50%.
  • She can Take a Walk to the Town Center to obtain a chastity belt. If she wears it, she will no longer have random morning events, requires nymphomania =/+90.

Dress Plain
Misako Dress Plain.png

Name Effects Price / Requirement
Summer dress Misako Summer Dress.png 100 GP
Careless dress Misako Careless Dress.png 150 GP
Kimono Misako Kimono.png 300 GP
Nurse uniformMisako Nurse Uniform.png 500 GP
Elegant dressMisako Elegant Dress.png 700 GP
Blue slutty dress Misako Blue Slutty Dress.png 4000 GP
Special Trainings
Catgirl Requires Catslave Trainer 1
Cow Girl Yes.png
Fairy Yes.png
Lesbian Slave Requires Lesbian Trainer 1
Ponygirl Requires Ponygirl Trainer 1



If you get the Bought Back Ending or accept her Love confession, then she will be available as an assistant, with special effects, when you train other slaves. Like other slave assistants, she costs nothing to become your assistant.

  • A submissive housewife.
  • She has no effects as an assistant.

Special Endings

Misako does not have any unique endings. She can only get General Endings and Additional Endings.