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Miss N

Nabiki Tendo
Ranma 1/2

Miss N is an NPC that you may always Visit.

While training Akane, Miss N will be temporarily available as one of your owned slaves.

Sex Party

You can attend a party with Miss N as many times as you want. To start the cycle of parties, you need to wait until after she starts offering sex. Regardless of whether your slave refuses the sex or not, you can Visit her while Naked to hear about the first party. She will say that it is in 3-4 days.

Visit her again at that time and she will invite you. If you decline the offer or forget to Visit her at the correct time, she will say there is another party in 3-4 days.

If you choose to attend the party, she will pick up your slave at night, so you cannot do any Night Actions that day. During the party, you can do one of several things that will boost a large number of your Statistics

After the party, Miss N will say that there is another party in 3-4 days, so you can repeat the process and attend as many parties as you wish.

Note: You can check when the party is by clicking on the Training Log button on the bottom left of the main screen


  • It costs 1 gold to visit Miss N. She will refuse to talk with your slave if you cannot afford it.
  • If Naked, the slave recieves an extra +1 Charisma and Reputation.
Increase Decrease

  • After raising her Reputation by 5 points and being visited while not Naked, visits will only provide +1 Lust.
    • If naked, she will offer to have sex instead of the normal visit effects. This has the following effects:
      • Miss N will invite the slave to her party.
      • If your slave's Obedience is too low to do Threesome, she will refuse, which provides no stat changes.
      • Lesbian slaves receive an extra +0.5 Cunnilingus and Tribadism.
Increase Decrease

Lend Her(Day)[edit]

Increase Decrease

Lend Her(Night)[edit]

Increase Decrease