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Mistress Epona


Mistress Epona is a noblewoman dedicated to training ponygirls. If Obedience is high enough and you either don't have a Bit Gag or don't have the Ponygirl Trainer skill, you may meet a ponygirl trainer at the Port Area that will allow you to Visit Mistress Epona. To get that event, you need to Personally Supervise the Walk. If you have your Assistant Supervise, then the ponygirl trainer will tell the assistant that she has more information for you.

Once you unlock Epona, you can Visit her with new slaves (until you Retire).


  • She will refuse to speak to the slave if you don't own a Bit Gag or the slave refuses to wear it.
  • You receive +0.1 Ponygirl Trainer Skill, if it is currently below 1.
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Lend Her(Day)[edit]

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Lend Her(Night)[edit]

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