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This is a special stat for Musashi.

Here's how it works so far: Musashi can find various monster tracks in the Forest (The Pheromones increase the chance.) To catch it, she needs the Call that would lure that monster, Narcotic Bait to tranquilize it, and on returning to the Forest in another turn, a Monster Ball to hold it. The amount of bait to use may depend on Monster Hunting statistic. The Monster Balls, Calls, Narcotic Baits and the Pheromones are buyable in the A.T.E.A.M. Base.

Common Monsters worth 1000 GP, Uncommon worth 1500 GP, and Rare worth 2500 GP.

Increase Decrease
  • If she catch a Monster +4
  • Does not decrease.

The Monsters Footprints

Image Name Type Call
Monster5.jpg Small Claw Common Howling Call
Monster10.jpg Small Dot Uncommon Buzzing Call
Monster9.jpg Large Dot Common Howling Call
Monster7.jpg Oval Uncommon Buzzing Call
Monster6.jpg Clover Common Grass Call
Monster2.jpg Web Foot Uncommon Howling Call
Monster3.jpg Egg Common Fairy Call
Monster.jpg NONE Uncommon Howling Call
Monster4.jpg Xbow Uncommon Chirping Call
Monster8.jpg Wolf and Tiger paws Rare Howling Call

Some footprints only appears in the Daytime (the Clover) and some only at Nighttime (the Wolf and Tiger paws).