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From: Darkstalkers

Duration: 50 days

Created by: Lothlorien
Since Version: 3.2.06
Female.pngHard Mode
Pack #6

Morrigan is one of the Slaves that you can train in the game. A succubus who has claimed countless slave-makers. Will you manage to tame her or will you perish, like all the others before you? Her Blood Type is AB.

Training Requirement: Renown >= 60

Special Statistics: Power

Special Actions: Supresses Power, Holy Binding.

Other Specials: None

Note: The events and modified actions below always provide exactly the stat change listed, unmodified by things such as the slave trainer skill, your assistant, or drugs that would normally increase/decrease stat changes. ALSO, MORRIGAN IS KNOWN TO BE EXTREMELY BUGGY; MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GAME SAVED FROM BEFORE TRAINING HER.

Dress Plain

Name Effects Price / Requirement
Dominant Morrigan Dress 1.jpg 200 GP
Wedding Gown Morrigan Dress 2.jpg
  • A white wedding dress, with something sinister about it.
  • Charisma +20
  • Refinement +20
  • This dress is Courtly and imbued with Demonic power.
500 GP
Bat Bikini Morrigan Dress 3.jpg
  • This bikini is lovely to dance in and easy to move in.
  • Charisma +20
  • It's also a Swimsuit, a Dance Dress, Easy to move in, and imbued with Demonic power.
1200 GP
Power Suit Morrigan Dress 4.png 2500 GP
Kimono Morrigan Dress 5.jpg 4000 GP
Succubus Collar Morrigan Dress 6.jpg
  • This powerful magical collar is irresistible to succubi, and causes them to become the perfect slaves: docile, obedient and perpetually, uncontrollably aroused.
  • Cooking +20
  • Cleaning +20
  • Blowjob +30
  • Fucking +10
  • Nymphomania +50
  • Lust +80
  • Joy +20
  • Obedience +10
  • Maximun Obedience +10
  • Power +70
  • This dress is Slutty and Demonic. It's also a Maid Uniform.
10000 GP


No Image.jpg

If you get the Bought Back Ending or accept her Love confession, then she will be available as an assistant, with special effects, when you train other slaves. Like other slave assistants, she costs nothing to become your assistant.

  • She has currently no effects as an Assistant.

Special Endings

These are unique endings for this slave, in addition to the General Endings and Additional Endings.

Ending Requirement
Bad End
  • Get Morrigan Obedience < 100 and Score < 100
  • You can also get this Ending if her Power goes to 100 and if you lose the battle against her.
  • Get Morrigan to fall in Love with you, and accept her confession.