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From: K-On

Cost: 450

Created by: Daisy Strike
Since Version: 3.1.09

Mugi is one of the Assistants in the game. A Rich girl. She likes part time jobs and to watch girls together.


Mugi can offer training during the game if you select it, with advice on what to do for different endings. She also has a chance to pour a cup of tea and chat in the morning, increasing Refinement by 4 and Conversation by 1. Unlike most assistants, she can fall in love with the slave in training, but not the slave maker.

She offers 3 different kinds of help that can take place during the game, or you can choose to turn it off.

  • Basic: She will warn of events, suggest undone items, and best training methods.
  • Helper: She will tell you what endings you are moving towards, and also will give you the same help as basic.
  • Guided: You can select an ending and she will guide you to it, as well as give the help that is provided in both basic and helper.

Mugi may ask to purchase your slave for 700gp. Selling your slave in this way will not bring you to Court, and you will not lose Renown for accepting.