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Selecting this action will cause your slave to be naked for the rest of the day. There is an Obedience requirement for this action, and she will refuse if it's not met.

  • Being naked is a requirement to be invited to Miss N's (the Prostitute's) party the first time.
  • The Barmaid, Shop Owner, Knight and Count will not Visit with a naked slave. The Maid will, only if the slave is wearing the Apron.
  • For Naru, after executing the "Naked" command twice this action gets turned into a clothing option under the "Equipment" tab, and using it will leave her naked every day, until you choose a different outfit.
  • After Naru has agreed to wear the naked dress, future slaves can also wear a naked dress if their Naked Skill >= 3 (or 1 with Slut Trainer).
Increase Decrease


Despite this being a morning and evening action, it does have a corresponding skill associated with it as if it were a night action. While these skills have minimal game impact, there is a system of unlockable skills where mastery in one skill may enable mastery of another skill.

Level Requirements Effects
2 Naked at level 1
3 Naked at level 2
4 Naked at level 3
5 Naked at level 4