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Price: 1200GP
From: Kanokon
Source: Chizuru Minamoto
Created by: cmacleod
Since Version: ?

Description: A girl blessed of Inari, a willing and eager slave. She will do anything you want, any duty, any sexual act. She is happy and pleasant but a bit of a slut. She has to be restrained from fucking or sucking her bound fellow captives, although does so for their mutual pleasure.

Her Blood Type is O.


Narry can be used for any action and helps your slaves to feel happier about their enslavement (+1 Joy per day to all of your slaves, including Narry).

Lust never falls below 40, and increases by 10 points each day. If her Lust is above 60 there is a chance that she will masturbate loudly in the morning, increasing Lust in Slave, Assistant and Slave Maker by 4, and Narry's Lust decreases to its minimum.