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Nymph magic will help you increase desire on themselves or other people giving them the energy to be erect sometime maybe too much and it can get out of control

This article is about the Special Statistic. For other uses, see Nymph's Tiara.
This is a special stat for Aeris.

Increase Decrease
  • Blowjob (sometimes) - 4
  • Tits-Fuck (sometimes) -4.5
  • Fuck Her (accept to use nymph magic)
  • When Aeris' Nymph Magic is 20 or more, she will ask you, during the first Rest of the day, if you want to do something naughty with her. Accept. - 10
  • If she uses her Magic on Bess (she can do it twice) - 30
  • When she buys the Inhibition Draft at the Lake - 5