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This is one of the Slave statistics in the game, which affect most aspects of the game, such as events, Contests, etc. Below, we've listed the actions that will raise or lower this stat to help you plan out your actions.

Each slave has an obedience requirement for sexual acts.

The formula for this is Obedience - (Intelligence/40) - (Temperament/40) - (Tiredness/40) + (Joy/40) + (Love/40) + (Nymphomania/40).

Followers of the (New Gods receive a - ((Morality/40) penalty, while those with the Convincing Advantage receive a +5 bonus.

If this number is less than the difficulty of the act, the slave will refuse. For certain acts, 69, Ass Fuck Her, Blowjob, Fuck Her, Gang-Bang, Lick Her, Make her Masturbate, Threesome, Tits-Fuck, and Touch her, the game will instead use the result of the above formula or (Lust/2), whichever is higher.

This stat is limited by Slave Trainer (skill). For individual slaves, it may also be capped. In order to increase the cap (up to that allowed by your Slave Trainer skill), you must either

  1. Use the Uninhibitory Drug until it has the opposite or no effect (save beforehand), or
  2. Spank Her, then use an action to increase obedience. Using this method, you can increase the obedience limit by 1 (adjusted by the slave trainer skill modifier) each day.

For slaves with very low obedience, you can start with Make her Masturbate (which has an obedience requirement but it is often very low), obedience potions, and/or by raising her lust.

Increase Decrease
  • Refused any sexual act that has a higher obedience requirement
  • Theology
  • Spank Her - after the second time in one day