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After selecting your character's gender, portrait, and talents, you will need to choose a religion. There are three faiths that you can pick from: New Gods, Old Gods, or No Gods. Since Nuns, demons, and angels play a significant part in the game, your choice will affect the Items, events, and even Slaves that you can have during the game.

New Gods

Worship of the New Gods, or True Gods, as they call themselves is the state religion. Notable New Gods are Amaterasu, Inari, Benten, Susanoo, Tsukiyomi, Fuijin & Raiden, Izanami & Izanagi, Kuni-Nashi, Tenjin, Amatsu Mikaboshi and Bishamon.

Old Gods

The Old Faith is a wild and passionate religion connected to nature. Orgasms, whether self-induced or with a partner, are an important part of worship. Notable Old Gods are Matres, Epona, Herne, the Lady of the Lake, Taranis, Teutates, Manannàn and Lugh.

No Gods