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This article is about the House. For other uses, see Onsen (disambiguation).

The Onsen is one of nine different options for housing a player must choose between after creating their slave-maker but before training their first slave.

In Game Description[edit]

This is a small natural hot-spring, converted for use as a small resort, and for public bathing.

You will own the business and have a small staff to run it. The onsen is small and only makes a limited profit, most money goes back into running it. The place has poor reputation, but you cannot find out why. There are many, many wards protecting the place.

Your slaves help out as part of their training and can use the baths to relax.

Relaxation is more effective, and your slave is more used to nakedness and such activities are easier. You earn a small daily income. All arcane items have a reduced effect. Some negative arcane effects do not happen at home. Even some of your talents can be affected.

Effects and Special Events[edit]

updated for version v3.2.0 alpha6

Note: the in game descriptions for several houses are misleading, as some functionality is unimplemented, and some bugs are present. If it isn't listed under Effects and Special Events, then it doesn't occur. If there are contradictions between Effects and Special Events and the In Game Description, the Effects and Special Events is correct.