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This article is about ponygirls in general. For other uses, see Ponygirl (disambiguation).

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Ponygirls are a prevalent aspect of the game. Besides events related to ponygirls, the game also allows you to turn your slave into a ponygirl and get the ponygirl ending. Ponygirls can be turned on or off in the Options menu.

On rare occasions, you can meet ponygirls at the:


The Ponygirl night action will turn your slave into a ponygirl if these requirements are met:

  1. The slave has the base obedience requirement (see the slave's character page for the base value)
  2. You meet the Ponygirl Trainer skill level required for the current slave (some girls require Ponygirl Trainer level 2 or higher, and some will not become a ponygirl)
  3. The slave has called you Master
  4. The slave enjoys Bondage (done at least 5 times.)
  5. The slave is wearing the Bit Gag, Harness, and Pony Tail

You can remove any of the equipped items to stop the slave from being a ponygirl. If you successfully turn your slave into a ponygirl for the first time, then you can unlock the Stables permanently, even after your slave stops being a ponygirl. She can also qualify for Ponygirl Race and Ending by re-equipping her gear, but will only speak Ponygirl after performing the Night Action again.


When your slave is a ponygirl: