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Rinnosuke Morichika

Rinno, the Merchant, runs the Shop.

  • While training Rei:
    • He will continue to sell you supplies as usual despite threats from Leonthas. However, he only has 1 Soothing Draft available until the church can start making them again.
    • A ghost will be seen haunting the Shop during one of her tests. A later exorcism by Rei will either send this ghost on her way or convince her to quiet down.


  • He will refuse to see your slave if she is Naked or has Charisma or Conversation < 30.
  • He pays 50 gold for each visit.
  • After raising her Reputation by at least 10 points, he will refuse to speak to her, wasting the action.
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Lend Her(Day)[edit]

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Lend Her(Night)[edit]

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