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Note some only have an off effect, and some only an on effect, some have both.

Rule On Off
Go Out
Touch Herself
Fuck with Anyone
  • More likely to Date, see go out above otherwise
Have Pocket Money
  • Sensibility -1 per day
  • Joy +1 per day
  • Gold -2 per day (if you have some gold to give her)
Write to her family-friends

Some day/night events can be slightly affected. For instance sometimes with dickgirl transforms it may say she masturbates. If Touch Herself is off then she has broken a rule and Spank Her is a little more effective. Same also applies for some walk events.

Various random events in the morning or when walking can have your slave break a rule, like fucking her boyfriend, or masturbating etc. If this happens a flag is set and then any Spank Her or Scold action gains 0.5 morality, 1 constitution, -1 temperament, 2 lust, 2 joy.

updated for version v3.2.0 alpha6