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The Sailor Senshi are the characters from Sailor Moon.

In the SM world this is their backstory:

Long ago, the gods and goddesses each selected a human to serve as their champion to help protect the world. The names of these champions were: Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

These warriors were known as the Sailor Senshi, and they were created to keep the world safe from the forces of hell. To accomplish this task, they were given a small portion of their respective god's/goddess' power. They were also eternal youth, and extended longevity, in addition to enhanced stamina and durability.

Together, the Senshi protected the world for centuries, but eventually a mysterious evil warrior. This evil being, began to slay the Senshi, one by one. However, when only 3 remained, together with the senshi's last bit of strength, they managed to do one more attack, and the evil warrior, seemed to mysteriously vanish. However, this attack cost the 3 remaining Senshi their lives. Though they had died their spirits would be reincarnated.

As years passed, the tales of the senshi passed to legend. Many groups, inspired by the legends of the senshi, formed to fight crime, against average criminals.

In the game the re-incarnations of these warriors are trainable slaves. With a big story that takes place over the course of training multiple slaves. This story has many variations that can be taken, and has many possible paths, such as making them into sluts, turning them evil, and MANY MANY more.

These reincarnations of the warriors are:

Other characters that appear as NPC's with important rolls include:

The story is not yet fully set up, but is slowly being implemented.