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Your score for the current slave is calculated as necessary by the game, usually at the end of the training. It affects the slave's endings and influences the amount of increase in renown for your slave maker. Unlike V2, you may get score over 100.

Base score
  • Accepting a love confession will lower the score by (20 - 5 * Leadership level) points.
  • Not maxing the slave's Love will lower the score by 1 to 3 points.
  • If you sold your slave to a new owner, you are penalized by 20 points.
  • 5 points if the slave got a Succubus Tail by drinking the Uninhibitory Drug three times.
  • 10 points for Ponygirls.
  • 10 points for getting Catslave Training over 50 ("accepted").
  • 20 points for finishing Courtesan Training.
  • 500 (yes, 500) points if she remains an anal/vaginal virgin at the end of training. Don't let you or your assistant do Fucking, Trib/Strap-on, Ass_Fuck_Her, Gang-Bang, or Orgy if you want the Virgin ending and the 500 extra points (and 14-16+ renown). Lesbian, the XXX school, Brothel (oddly enough), Lend_Her and Tentacle_Rape do not remove the virgin flag. Note that not all slaves are virgins. Note: take the Priapus_Draft no more than one time if you want the Virgin ending for that slave! Aside from the 500 points you get if she's a virgin, you can obtain an additional 500 points if she's also never given a blowjob (69 and Lesbian are totally acceptable, but not Blowjob). If she keeps her upper mouth's virginity, she can get the "Untouched" Ending, which means her score is 1000 points plus whatever else you did during her training.