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This article is about a Job. For other uses, see Bar (disambiguation).
This is one of the Jobs in the game. The described effects may differ from those shown in your game depending on various factors, such as your Background, House, and Skills.

Available: Midday to 6 AM

Time Taken: 2 hours

Pay: 9 * ((Charisma + Conversation) / 10) + Blowjobs / 10 + Intelligence / 5

  • Your slave will refuse to do this if her Obedience does not meet the requirement.
  • If she does not own a Bunnysuit or Lingerie, is not wearing a Sleazy Bar Outfit, and is not a Catgirl, she will have to strip to work in the bar. If her Obedience is not high enough for a Strip Tease, she will refuse, just as if her obedience were not high enough to work in the Sleazy Bar. If she strips, she is paid 10 extra gold.
  • If she has an older lover, she will get an extra 20 pay.
  • You may be asked to do extra services afterwords for more money and stat changes.
    • If she has an older lover or has Nymphomania > 79 but is not a Catgirl she will always be propositioned.
    • If she is a Catgirl, she has a 50% chance.
    • Otherwise, she has a 20% chance.
    • If she does the extra service, she receives (Blowjobs/4) extra pay and +2 Lust and +1 Blowjobs, Nymphomania, and Obedience.
      • Instead of a normal performance, your slave can meet a Lover. This has a 33% of happening if the fuck anyone Rule is on, and 20% if it is off.
  • You can meet and unlock the Barmaid to Visit
  • If none of the pay modifiers below apply, she gets an extra -1 Joy and Love.

Increase Decrease
  • Many different factors affect how much the slave is paid.
Condition Pay
Owns a Bunnysuit 115%
Wearing the Demonic Bra 110%
Wearing a Sleazy Bar Outfit 110%
Wearing Lingerie 105%
Day 75%
Lesbian slave 75%