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The Slums is a location that you can Take a Walk at in order to trigger random encounters and events. It is located at the bottom right of the map.


  • Meet the Drug Dealer
  • Meet Milly the puppygirl, her master, Gustaf, and unlock the Kennels
  • You can meet the Pimp, Prostitute, High-Class Prostitute, Owner of a sleazy bar, or Owner of the XXX School
  • Your slave can be robbed
  • Tentacle Rape event
  • Your slave, possibly along with your assistant, is raped
  • As a Female-Slavemaker you can get to a place where you're asked if you want to follow your arousal or not.
    • If you do that some times, you can meet special-futas around the town and get cum addicted.
    • Important!: For every time you get this special cum you will have to pay 100 gold.
    • While this event takes place there will be different Events happening in the early morning, where you realise some details part by part.
      • First you will need to search for special-futas around the town to get a deepthroat from them. After some time the futas will bring men along, which will face-fuck you too. If you keep searching for those futas an event will happen, where you find out, that you don't need special-cum but just cum and a lot of it.
      • After this event you are able to "Search for Cum" as a daily action for your slavemaker. If you don't, after some days you will be bothered by you cumless life and have to choose to go search for cum or not. After a few times you have not searched your addiction will fade.
      • Also to know: If tentacles are enabled your slavemaker can be approached by them during the search event.
        • Don't worry if you can't defeat this enemy, because it's not to be defeated. It will fuck you and in your addiction you will drink his cum together with his arousing aphrodisiac and learn how great this option is for your addiction.
      • After this every approach of a tentacle monster will result in your slavemaker giving in to them, to let them cum till there cocks dry out.
      • Be aware that tentacle assault don't count searches, so the search-event will appear even if assaulted every day.