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Going to the tailor is one of the actions in the game. The Tailor sells clothing and other Equipment that will benefit your Slave.

Available: 8 AM to 6 PM

Time Taken: 1 hour


Each Slave may have up to 6 dresses for sale at here. Once you buy a dress, you can wear it from the Equipment menu. Dresses may cause stat changes or have other effects. Each dress bought gives +2 Love.


Each girl has access to 6 different suits as well as uniforms: Bunny Costume, Lingerie, Maid Uniform, and Swimsuit. Each uniform bought gives + 1 Love.

  • The Bunny Costume and Lingerie are kept in the inventory and automatically used when working at the Sleazy Bar or Brothel.
  • The Maid Uniform, in addition granting bonuses to Cooking and Cleaning, automatically increases earnings at the Restaurant, and allows the Maid Ending
  • The Swimsuit allows you access to the Beach, the ability to swim in the Lake, and a few related events

Slave Maker[edit]

There is now a Customer button that allows you to buy clothing for the slave maker as well. There are four dresses: Courtly, Party, BDSM, and Holy. There are also uniforms: Lingerie and Swimsuits. It is unclear how much impact this clothing has now.