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Every seventh day, the owner of your slave (except during Shampoo's training, because she doesn't have an owner) will test a certain set of statistics and reward you a bonus based on the value of those tested; the exact days are marked on your calendar in blue. The bonus received is calculated as: (average of statistics tested) x 2 + 2. The true value of the stat is used, not the shown one, e.g., having a true Charisma value of 50.5 will yield a pay of 103 gold, not the shown value of 50 that would yield 102.

The maximum value of payments is affected by one's skill level in Slave Trainer and Lesbian Trainer. As you level up these skills, the maximum value for various statistics also increases, allowing one to gain more gold from a test. Slave Trainer level 1 only allows a maximum of 80 for skills, so you will have a maximum pay of 162 gold; level 2 has a maximum pay of 202 gold; level 3 has a maximum pay of 302; and level 4 has a maximum of 402. Because Lesbian Trainer has a maximum of 300 for Trib/Strap-on, a fully trained lesbian can have a maximum pay of 602 gold.

The tests that are conducted include: