V3:Town Centre Demon and the Seduction Quest

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Town Centre Demon and the Seduction Quest

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This Demon Girl is a special Demon that only shows up if you meet certain requirements:

Note that drinking the Uninhibitory Drug twice will prompt the shop owner to offer you a more potent version. The effects of this drug vary from increasing genital size, increasing breast size or making your slave cuter (i.e. giving her a Succubus tail). If you have Hild as your assistant, she will offer you a choice of effects. If the Slave Maker is Demon or Succubus, the drug will always make the slave Half-Demon, and eligible for this quest.

If you meet the Demon Girl, she will offer you some of her juices. Accepting will trigger the Seduction Quest. To complete this quest, you slave must walk everywhere naked and successfully seduce one person at each location on the Take a Walk map. Once this is completed, you will get a dialogue saying that her wings have grown (most slaves have tail and wing graphics included).

Beginning the Quest grants the slave Seduction skill + (5 + Conversation/10 + Nymphomania/10).