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This action allows your slave to visit a person of note.

Available: Anytime

Time Taken: 2 hours

  • You cannot perform a Slave Maker Action during this action.
  • Some people, such as the Barmaid, cannot be selected from the menu until you have met them and been invited to visit them.
  • You can't visit the same person more than once a day.
  • Even if a person is selectable from this menu, they will not speak to you unless you meet their speaking requirements, like not being Naked.
    • Visiting someone who won't speak with you still takes up your visit.
  • If your slave speaks with a person, her stats will change.
  • After speaking with any person enough times, he or she won't speak with you anymore.

Name Speaking Requirement
  • None (1 gold)
  • First meet her at the Docks
  • First meet her at the Docks while personally supervising your slave
  • First meet on a random Walk to the Palace and only during the training of Peach