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I was unable to get the Love ending for Aeris as a Dickgirl. —Selias

Can't get the Lust Faerie ending, cos the cum & milk covered milk event won't fire. I do get 2 events where Aeris complained about milking when she cum and the Master woke up with a hard on, but scheduling break/rest as the 1st thing to do that morning yield nothing unusual, even though I got Nymph Magic at 100. -Jared

Hmm...anyone know how to get the sheer dress or the skimpy swimsuit? They look interesting, but I can only get the novelty bikini so far... --Johndoe123 09:02, 12 April 2011 (UTC)

I was unable to make Aeris lesbian with 2 points in the skill. Will experiment with higher.

There seem to be a lot of bugs for the fairy queen ending for female trainer. At least, I'm unable to unlock dark forest ulike with a hemaphrodite trainer. The fairies either won't show up or the one at the beach refuses to talk to me no matter what my current stats are.

  • One at beach appear in private area - daytime, while on at dock is in port area. They never talk with Slaver (lacking certain stats?), but does talk with assistance (to be specify, I use Bridget). Al 19:44, 5 July 2011 (UTC)
    • They do talk with Slaver, but might also attack first, possibly depending on charisma. They might also accept invitation to join your Slaver in orgy, and will become part of permanent harem even after training Aeris -- if you take that option, they won't tell you where to find the next fairy, but you can still find them at the right location. Enkephalin 18:17, 20 September 2011 (UTC)
  • After you have started the arc to find the source of Aeris's faerie power you will need to also do the following things.
    • Job Acolyte (two times and you need to see special text to show it counted)
    • Job Library (two times and you need to see special text to show it counted)
    • School Theology (two times and you need to see special text to show it counted)
    • Doing these and all three walk locations should unlock the deep forest location so you can walk to it.
    • Save game before doing this as the slave will complete after this walk action

[Edit : 05/12/2017, side note : I don't know if anyone read here anymore but...] I play as female slaver. I can find the dark forest location. I managed to have the special text with the faerie aura one time for each job and school. But it never happen a second time. I did it 3 times, it always the same. I didn't try with an other gender for the slaver so I don't know if it's only for female Slaver or 3 of them. The other stuff are already unlocked. [/Edit]

magic pussy[edit]

After consuming the lust demon and filling up on Nymph Magic, it looks like fucking Aeris's pussy has the ability to permanently change your background. The options in order:

  • "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'leyh!" - Tentacle Hybrid
  • "My cock needs to fuck your ass!" - Cock of Demonic Origin
  • "Take my soul, take it!" - Inhuman Ancestry
  • "They must all have COCKS!" - Unusual Cum
  • "Your eyes are so red, like blood..." - Vampire
  • "My skin is as black as my soul..." - Dark Elf
  • "It needs only me, dear." - No change.

Included if female/hermaphrodite:

  • "My breasts are sooo heavy and full..." - Ex-Milk Slave

This occurs at random, and can be done more than once.

Where would I put this? Kind of seems like a spoiler to post it to the main page. 01:58, 29 August 2011 (UTC)

Apparently you can have multiple effects active, so your Slave Maker can be a Dark Elf Vampire Tentacle Hybrid. 02:33, 29 August 2011 (UTC)

Aeris Others Endings? Tentacle Sex???[edit]

In her xml file, I've found this.

  • <CustomEnding1>To get the ending 'Lust Faerie', have #slave use faerie powers often, both on herself and you.</CustomEnding1>
  • <CustomEnding2>To get the ending 'Queen Faerie', #slave must seek out the source of her power and finally confront the Faerie Queen.</CustomEnding2>
  • <CustomEnding3>To get the ending 'Cum Slave', have #slave gain Faerie powers, then seek and produce as much cum as possible.</CustomEnding3>

I curious on how to get the 'Cum Slave' ending? I mean, I've try the 'lot of cums' but nothing special happen. Maybe it got something to do with the Cumslut ending?

There is also this (A 'Faerie Slave' ending.):

  • -<if ending="60"> <SetText>"I am disappointed. It took a bounty hunter a week to finally locate your slave. A farmer finally reported seeing her during a fairy hunt, and we captured her along with a couple of new fairy slaves.</SetText>-<if isdickgirl="true"> <SetEnding num="1000">Dickgirl Faerie Slave</SetEnding> <BlankLine>blank</BlankLine> <AddText>Her cock turned out to be her one redeeming quality. She seems intent on pleasuring anyone, man or woman, and is quite an expert at it.</AddText> <else>if</else> <SetEnding num="1000">Faerie Slave</SetEnding>

How to get it, I wonder?

I've also see, at the very end of the file, some nods for an Tentacle Sex Action, with Aeris and your Assistant. Are they available (like after the Tentacle Queen Fairy path)? --M.I.A. (Maia Iliana Arina) 21:53, 5 November 2011 (UTC)

Aeris Assistant Endings?[edit]

So with aeris you can get the Milk Slut ending correct? so i attempted to switch to aeris from another assistant (Kasumi for cum slut mainly to see what happens.) are these two mutually exclusive? or is it just a case of Aeris has to be the only assistant for it to trigger? I tried switching from a regular assistant to aeris but the option wont show i guess she has to be the initial assistant and you cant swap to get milk slut. -- 20:23, 7 September 2013 (GMT)

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