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Initial version[edit]

I'll look at creating a meaningful version of Arena in the future. The current version is more random hints rather than an explanation of what the Arena is or how it works. Moving those random hints here, since Daisy_Strike responded to them here. I believe that in the list below, "reposite" should be riposte and "peirce" should be pierce. Leaving formatting and spelling untouched in case I am wrong. Raphe 10:49, 8 June 2010 (UTC)

Previous contribution[edit]

Naga slash Kills

hong meiling reposite kills

Dark Magic reposite kills

Elena reposite kills

Sophitia reposite kills

Onozuka Komachi reposite Pierce reposite

Melona Reposite Kills

Karura Reposite Kills

Dungeon Explorer must be peirce

Karura Reposite Kills

Rena Reposite Kills

Seung Mina Peirce Kills

Neliel Tu Oderschvank Reposite Kills

Kurumu Kurono Reposite Kills

Xianghua Reposite

Masked Champoin 1. Queens Justice Reposite - Lost 2. Queen's Law Reposite - Victory 3. Reposite - Victory 4. Reposite - Victory

Morrigan Aenslan reposite kills

Daisy_strike's response[edit]

Just wanted to point out its random chance rock paper scissors on the attacks no one will always work agaist a given opponet.


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