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fairy transformation421:06, 21 May 2016

fairy transformation

the page says musashi is viable for the fairy transformation, but when i freed three fairies with her and got the gem for the transformation but my only choices were "sell the gem" or "eat it" is the base value for the fairy transform on the page template "yes" or did somebody just put the wrong value into the table? (or have i somehow triggered the event in a way that disallows the third option?)

Vorthod Wiler23:46, 31 July 2012
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Strange, because she can transform in my game. (Tested her with Lillymon and she transform. Only the Slaves that got the ok-flag for the Fairy Transformation can transform with this assistant.) Did you get the Faeries Ring? I know that the conditionals for the transformation is to get the ring and to freed the 3 faeries.

M.I.A. (Maia Iliana Arina)00:02, 1 August 2012
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well first off, what do you mean "tested her with lillymon"? were you using lillymon as an assistant? because i am asking about transforming musashi during the musashi training and didnt think the assistant mattered
second, the fairy ring is only necessary to *progress* the transformation, the transformation itself can be started at the farm before you acquire the ring (tested on previous fairy slaves on the same save file and the fairy even specifies that even if you start it you will need to find the ring to get farther)
third, just to make sure everyone watching is on the same page (and because i wanted a third point), i just want to know if this wiki has a typo. i am sure there are very simple flags in the actual game code, but i just want to make sure the wiki is reporting that flag correctly (this page might not have been updated since the change in templates that adds the pony/cat/lesbian/fairy/cow training box which would explain the incorrect label here)
Vorthod Wiler08:17, 2 August 2012

I mean that I have used Lillymon as assistant and Musashi got the Fairy Affinity stat. I've also test her the 'normal' way, get the Ring at the Forest, rescue the fearies at the Farm, and I got the option to transform without problem.

M.I.A. (Maia Iliana Arina) (talk)15:57, 10 August 2012

well that is odd. maybe i will try this again when V3.3 comes out and see if i get that issue again. it might be just a bug i accidentally triggered and wont run across again

Vorthod Wiler (talk)03:52, 15 August 2012