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Captain of the ship.

<Slave> walks to the deck where the Captain is and sits next to him. The captain however, remains silent. The Captain turns bak to see <Slave> for a few seconds

Captain Smoker: "Uh. You, the new Swabby. The crew men insist you take visits more often." Says the captain before standing up.

Captain Smoker: "If your Mistress can lend you to us some time, I am sure most of the crew would be happy to give you personal training."

~~ Currently not implemented. On the [[V3:Visit|Visit] tab there is no Captain Smoker, or other choices to Lend, not during day or night.

Visit the Port, option 1 with Ryo (Haven't tested it with other male slaves yet). Whenever you're working the Swabby as Ryo, there is a random chance that you'll be given a choice to meet the Captain. The above dialog occurs. As long as you visit the ship once a day, it stays in port. Go multiple days without visiting, and there's a chance that the boat will disappear.

--Kitkatbar (talk) 21:52, 23 December 2012 (GMT) --Kitkatbar (talk) 05:07, 14 December 2012 (GMT)