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Lust Faerie

Nymph magic event will occur on day two or three of training. Visit the farm until the Cowgirl Milking event. Use magic when prompted. Continue visiting the farm and milking the cowgirl until you have four bottles of milk. Go to lake and get two bottles of cum and the milking machine. Alternate Milking and Blowjob. Morning events should appear that she is waking up covered in cum and milk. Repeat nightly milking until the morning events say you are waking up covered in cum. While Nymph Magic is at least 12, have Break as first event in morning. Choose "Yes". Continue the morning sex event at least 12 times. Sex acts and Magic Bottle recharge Nymph magic. After the 12th morning event, the choice to trigger the special ending shows up. Say "Yes".

Notes: When the conditions for the ending are met, the game ends regardless of the training time left. When performing Blowjob, the plus sign shows, but the value drops. This does not appear to be a bug, but part of the ending process.

Dickgirl Lust Faerie

Same as above with the following exceptions:

Change Aeris into a permanent dickgirl either through Astrid or Strange Cum ability.

Notes: The Cock Milking Machine is available for use.