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Ending Requirement
Lust Faerie
  • Nymph magic event will occur on day two or three of training.
  • Visit the Farm until the Cowgirl Milking event. Use magic when prompted.
  • Continue visiting the farm and milking the cowgirl until you have six bottles of milk.
  • Go to the Lake and get two bottles of cum and the milking machine.
  • Alternate Milking and Blowjob.
  • At the end of the first night, drink a bottle of cum. The second, milk. The third, cum again. The fourth, milk again. Then just keep on going with the Milking and Blowjob.
  • Morning events should appear that she is waking up covered in cum and milk.
  • Repeat nightly milking until the morning events say you are waking up covered in cum (if male) or milking wildly (if female).
  • While Nymph Magic is at least 12, have Break as first event in morning. Choose "Yes".
  • Continue the morning sex event at least 12 times. Sex acts and Magic Bottle recharge Nymph magic.
  • After the 12th morning event, the choice to trigger the special ending shows up. Say "Yes".


  • When the conditions for the ending are met, the game ends regardless of the training time left.
  • When performing Blowjob, the plus sign shows, but the value drops. This does not appear to be a bug, but part of the ending process.
Dickgirl Lust Faerie
  • Same as above with the following exceptions:
    • Change Aeris into a permanent dickgirl either through Astrid, Oberotica Potion, or Strange Cum ability.
    • Note: If you have Dickgirl turned off in the options, the Oberotica Potion will still turn Aeris into a Dickgirl (permanently!), but you will not receive recognition for a Dickgirl ending.


  • The Cock Milking Machine is available for use.
    • Cock Milking Machine is obtained by having enough Bottled Cum in your inventory to encounter the Demon Saleswoman in the Slums.