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This is one of the special Jobs for Menace in the game. The described effects may differ from those shown in your game depending on various factors, such as your Background, House, and Skills.

Available: Anytime

Time Taken: 2 hours

Pay: 50 for tier 1 and for other tiers, 25 + 50 * Tier (only if she battles and wins)

  • Menace can watch a battle to gain +1 Combat and -1 Refinement without the risk of losing.
    • If Menace watches a battle, you pay 50.
    • Once her Combat is 20 or higher, she will no longer gain Combat from watching.
    • Menace's Cheerleader dress gives a Combat bonus for watching.
  • Menace can Set a Tier to fight more difficult opponents for higher pay
  • Menace can Battle opponents in the Arena
    • Each Battle is the first to win three rounds wins.
    • In each round, each fighter's score is determined by a combination of four things.
      • The fighter's Combat skill.
      • The fighter's weapon power (determined by the weapon used).
      • Any spell effects from the round.
      • Any bonus from selecting the proper Riposte/Pierce/Slash option.
        • Riposte beats Pierce
        • Pierce beats Slash
        • Slash beats Riposte
        • Winning gives a bonus of 50% of Combat power.
        • Some spells give the bonus automatically, so the choice doesn't matter.
        • If both fighters select the same option, there is a tie and neither gets a bonus that round.
    • The higher scoring fighter wins the round.
    • Menace can't cast spells while wearing the Mute Braclet.
    • If Menace has lost six battles she will be raped instead of getting to fight. This gives +10 Tiredness, +5 Nymphomania, +1 Obedience, -1 Love, -2 Reputation, -4 Joy, and -5 Refinement and resets her record of lost fights to 0.
    • If Menace wins, she gains an extra +1 Combat and Constitution and -1 Nymphomania.
      • If she wins on Tier 3 or 4, she also gets an extra +1.5 Reputation.
  • Menace can get tutored in the Rules of Battle, basically an explanation of the Riposte/Pierce/Slash system.

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